HB4075 Really???

I very rarely get fired up about new laws but this one really hits home hard. I am not going to go into the details of it myself, but you can read about this law that is currently in the hands of the governor here: Read all about about this piece of Crap! To summarize this would crush ride shares in Illinois and give taxis a monopoly once again.

I understand the government  putting regulations in effect for certain industries. But the government using public safety as the reasoning behind this is completely ridiculous and complete bullshit. Plain and simple, this is about an income stream for the government and THAT IS ALL – NOTHING MORE!

Before ride shares showed up in Chicago I very rarely took cabs anywhere. I had one individual that I knew was a safe, effective driver. If he wasn’t available I took alternative modes of transportation. I never felt safe in a cab and my complaints in the past fell on silent ears.

Once ride shares arrived in Chicago, I noticed a tremendous change in the safety of the cabs I did take. Ride shares were making taxis step up their game, and it was helping tremendously. I still chose ride shares over cabs more frequently due to the cost savings, but sometimes a taxi was a bit more convenient. Things were headed in the right direction and safer driving by taxis was clearly noticeable by me.

Now this complete crap law has come around and threatens to take us two steps back and give taxi companies a monopoly once again and they can do whatever the hell they want for a cost. I do not blame them because they are paying and paying big for this privilege to the government for licences to operate.

What we need to do is either:

1) Deregulate immediately. Let us allow the free market to take over and force the poor companies out of business. I have seen firsthand how a little old fashioned competition has improved safety in transportation of human cargo! (If I sound like a Libertarian, that is because I am!)

2) Laws must be completely rewritten to allow the competition to improve conditions across the industry and be fair to all companies across the board. I have a big feeling that this will not be happening though, as I am losing all faith in government officials

Mr Governor Quinn –  I voted for you; please don’t make me regret this. Don’t be spineless here and grow some cajones buddy! This law will eliminate ALL of the progress that was made regarding safe transportation.


What up? Very long time no talk! I have had quite a bit going on this year barely being able to breathe I have been so busy. It is all coming to an end right now so that means my free time will be increasing exponentially in the coming weeks. I wanted to check – in , say hello and leave you with various pieces of brain ramblings, profound thoughts and various other pieces of crap for your reading pleasure

1) Palos Park was an excellent selection of a suburb to move. Close enough to civilization AND close enough to 10,000+ acres of forest preserve to get away from it all for a while if need be.

2) If you try to throw me under the bus, it will backfire on you. I am am a master of CYA!

3) I will not get into a religious discussion with you about beliefs. We have our church and we are very satisfied. Let us have ours, you can have yours and we can agree to disagree. This is personal between us and the big guy and that is how it will remain.

3.1) The following is the ONLY religious statement I will ever make: Religion needs to stay out of ANY politics. It does not and will not ever work for the long term!

4) Everyone is NOT entitled to their opinion. If you can back yours up with facts, than you are entitled to an opinion

4.1) I don’t believe everything I read on the internet, you should not either and should try to obtain corroborating evidence from a trusted, living, breathing source.

5) I will make the best decision possible based on information provided. Want a different outcome? Give me new information and don’t withhold a bit of facts. Remember what i said about CYA?

6) If you give me a generic statement such as: They have “excellent” customer service you can be guaranteed that I will ask for examples. Excellent customer service is VERY subjective.

7) I need to get back to Put-In-Bay OH soon for a little trip. That is a fun little town. I also need to get back to Key West.

8) Don’t spend so much time planning for the future that you lose sight of the moment right  in front of you!

9) Social Media is fun and all and a good way to keep up however nothing beats good old face-to-face hanging out!

10) Another Social Media rant: After I weed out all of the ludicrous religious and political garbage, laugh at the first world problems you are fretting over this hour, I do enjoy hearing what you have to say.

11) I have a really good life that I am pleased with. I have a great foundation and I know exactly what direction I am headed and who I want to accompany me on my journey. Could one of them be you?






Thank God It’s February!!!

I am sure you are asking yourself “What the hell is go great about February? It sucks just as bad as January!” I guess on paper the level of suckage equates to January however my brain works in very different ways from the norm.

February is the LAST month of winter. In my mind I consider March 1 the first day of spring! I am pretty much tricking my self into thinking it is warmer than it really is outside. To me it signifies the end of winter.

Pitchers and catchers report = a sure signal the Spring is close by!20120330_baseball_33

My birthday is in Feburary. It actually gives me something to look forward to this month.

2011 snow

January on the other hand has absolutely NO redeeming qualities. I mean nothing, nada, zip, zilch. January is just one big bucket of suck and I am glad that it is only 31 days out of the year. Even that is too much for my liking.

February  is the month I start coming out of my mental hibernation in eager anticipation of the Spring.

Taking out the Trash: The Purge

I am in the process of a cleansing process right now. A new chapter in my life is beginning and it is time to move Broom_iconon in many ways. I have just began a major purge in my life. It is going to be a long process but in the end it will be well worth it.

1) Physical clutter – If I have not used it in the last two months or I don’t have an immediate need for something, it is gone! No longer will the question be asked: What if I need this one day?

2) Online clutter – Back when I considered myself a “digital marketing consultant/social media professional” I needed to be familiar with the different social media mediums. Now that I have a busy logistics position, those two – three dozen social accounts are no longer needed. You name it and I had an account with it. I am thinking of just narrowing it down to : LinkedIn, Facebook, Foursquare, Yelp and Instagram. I am still torn on if I need Twitter/Google + or not.

3) Emotional Sludge – I am mainly talking about anger. For the most part of the last four years, I was a very angry person. I was in some bad situations that I finally got out of just recently. Much of it was me just accepting being angry as the norm for me. I forgot what it was  like to be at peace with myself and my inner crap was manifested externally. I really didn’t hold my complaints in I blatantly expressed them all over the internet. I got quite the reputation. I am working hard to change that.

By the way I am not even going to try any kind of juice cleanse or detox to complete my current processes. I like meat and food way too much to even try it! Don’t even suggest it!

7 Predictions for 2014!

How Many of these lists have you seen already? I am so confident in my psychic ability that I will GUARANTEE that every single one of these will come true. So it is written so it shall be done.

1) A celebrity will do something stupid and it will be considered “news” by the media – There is really nothing “real” happening in the world is there?


2) You will look at and comment on a picture of a cat on the internet – Good cat pictures are so hard to find.


3) Someone will find something new to blame the president for – I am going to finish every sentence with “I blame Obama”. Drive-Thru forgot my fries? It is clearly Obama’s fault

Obama MAD

4) Some kind of weather anomaly will happen somewhere in the world. – It’s the government (primarily Obama) trying to exert it’s power over the rest of the planet.


5) One of your favorite actors from your childhood will die. -There will be at least one that makes you frown and say, “I remember them from…” Kind of makes YOU feel old doesn’t it?


6) You will see someone publicly post WAY to much information on their social profile – I don’t (and I am sure you don’t either)want to see pictures of their sick/dying relative in the hospital, hear about your bodily functions, etc… Some people need to apply a filter to themselves for the common good (or just my sanity). If this one is confusing you, than you are most likely guilty as charged.



7) Someone in a car will do something really stupid to induce at least a moment of road rage in you – Hmmm… Where do I even start with examples?

road rage


There you have it! This is the list of predictions that is going to put me on the map hurdling me over the top of Nostradamus and the Mayans for predictive ability of future events. Do you have something that you would like to add to this list? Leave me a comment and see if you can match my psychic prowess. I triple-dog dare you!

My 5 Favorite Holiday Songs


5) Billy Squier – Christmas is The Time to Say I love you. 

I just have a special place in my heart for 80’s music.

4) Elvin Bishop – Silent Night

Out of the gazillions of versions of this song this one is my favorite. It doesn’t sound like a church hymn and is kind of funky.

3) Foghat – All I want for Christmas is You

Nothing says Merry Christtmas like Foghat!

2) Twisted Sister – Oh Come All Ye Faithful

Please see the Foghat comment above and replace Foghat with Twisted Sister

1) Big Bad Voodoo Daddy – Mr. Heatmiser or Green Christmas or whatever the heck it’s called!

I will NEVER get enough of this song! EVER!

Christmas Shopping Extravaganza???

Santa-Claus-Angry-iconGasp!!! I used The word Christmas rather than holiday! What was I thinking? I should be ashamed. I hope everyone I offended can find it in their heart to forgive me!

Two questions: How many of you went shopping on “Black Friday”? How Many of you went shopping on Thanksgiving?

Just so you know, I blame all of you Thanksgiving Day Sad Turkeyshoppers! For what you ask? You have heard on the social media all of the corporations being blamed for keeping their minimum wage employees away from their families on Thanksgiving and how cruel they are? For once I don’t blame a corporation although for most things I do usually raise the middle finger in a large corporation’s direction. In this instance, they are just responding to the demand created by you, the evil consumer!

You will never catch me dead shopping on Thanksgiving. I am more interested in family, food, beer, wine, and football. You know, all the staples to a Happy Thanksgiving You might catch me out and about on a Black Friday. Shopping is never my goal though. You will most likely find me people watching. My wife and I are very frugal shoppers. Most of the time, we can get “Even-Better-than-Black-Friday Deals” through out the year. We are just frugal like that!

Before you get into a fist fight over that last in stock TV that you really, really want and just can’t live with out, I want you to think about something. You are not saving $400 on that $1,000 TV. You are spending $600 on it! Looking at it that way makes your current TV acceptable doesn’t it? It is this attitude that keeps me living within my means!



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